Why Bird Pest Control and Removal is important for any business in Melbourne?

Why Bird Pest Control and Removal is important for any business ?


Nesting of birds can not only bring health hazards or wastage of money in cleaning but also cost you property damages

  • Nesting materials and droppings contain various parasites and transferable diseases. Moreover birds are likely to contaminate the food products and stock with their transferable diseases. This can be detrimental to your office staff and employees including you.
  • Since droppings are highly acidic in nature, they could stain and corrode your building materials as well as your product stock. Birds physically damage your building structure and rooftops for nesting purposes. Eventually, this will cost you repairs cost.
  • Cleaning droppings regularly could cost businesses much more than eradicating a pest invasion with pest control and removal services.
  • Nesting materials and feathers could clog the drains and gutters of your building turning it into damp waste and thereby cost you cleaning work.
  • There is also a high chance of encountering mites and lice that can be an added reason of concern in future.


4 ways you can avoid bird infestation around your business premises


  •       Netting:

Netting is one of the most common bird invasions, in Melbourne include seagull and pigeon infestations. Net act as an effective tool to prevent seagulls, pigeons and any other birds to settle down in your premises. You can expect 100% results as netting ensures there is no roosting and nesting in the area the best part is such nets are customizable according to the requirement of your property. This net protection system is durable and provides long term value securing your home from bird invasion for a long time to come.

A word of caution for bird lovers. Netting can end up with life-threatening injuries to the birds by getting their legs, wings or beaks tangled in the netting or, if not spotted by anyone who can help free them, they can eventually starve to death.

  •       Spikes:

This method is dependent on your property. There is an inspection that is required to be done to understand if spiking is a good fit for your home.

After the inspection is done and the expert has suggested you install spikes, you can then go ahead with it. Spikes do not harm the birds in anyway and stop them from entering your premises but obviously installation of spikes is conditional option.

  • Electric Deterrent:

Electric deterrents are cost-effective options and that prevent birds from entering your property by giving out an electrical charge that is painful but doesn't harm them. These gadgets can be installed on the edges, parapets, roof, and beams of your building to keep away seagulls and pigeons and any other birds trying to make way inside your home.

  • Optical Scare:

An optical scarer is a gadget powered by solar energy that reflects light beams to the bird and imitates the appearance of a predator. This keeps the birds at bay. However, this method is only effective for birds approaching your property to land and not sitting birds. It is not a 100 percent fool-proof method still can be used to reduce the chances of bird penetration.

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