You Don’t Need A Magic Wand for Spider Treatment Services in Melbourne

You Don’t Need A Magic Wand for Spider Treatment Services in Melbourne

The helplessness of Ronald Weasley around spiders might have made us laugh out loud and, also, feel sorry for him. His magic wand and Harry got him rid of the crawlers even though he had to “follow the spiders”. 


If the spiders are following you at your home and you cannot find where you kept your magic wand, opt for our spider treatment services in Melbourne. Each of our specially trained pest controllers can be the Harry you need by your side to fight off the spiders around. 


The audacity to DISTURB but not be DISTURBED! 

Spiders look creepy and can scare others, especially the small kids and pets at home. Even adults do get scared of it! But, spiders often are misunderstood as some serious threats to us. They do not transmit any diseases to humans. 


They bite only if disturbed by humans around. If you don’t mess with spiders, they too won’t chase you to bite. The irony of the situation is they do not wish you to disturb them while they feel free to disturb your privacy at your home! 



They do bite. Some spiders in Australia can be dangerous as their venom can cause serious health threats. Small kids and pets are more vulnerable to a threat caused by a spider bite. 


Their favourite chill-out zones at your home may be in the outdoor sheds, in hidden cervices of your property, under the furniture in your garden, garage attics, in your basement, storerooms etc. 


Spider bites release venom into your bloodstream that can cause pain and swell at the site. Brown spiders and Widow spiders are known to cause severe systematic reactions with their bites. In extreme cases, the victim might experience heavy sweating, muscular twitching, abdominal pain, problem in breathing, saliva secretions etc. Unconsciousness also might happen.  


A sign of a place being dirty for long 

Spiders with their web give a very nasty feeling, rather a creepy feeling to the house occupants. Also, spider web anywhere in a room suggests that the place is not properly being tidied up for a long time. A neat and clean space cannot have spiders crawling around or resting peacefully in its web. 

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Spiders are not the guests you need to entertain and offer a resting space. Unless you have some magical powers to chase them off on your own, seek professional help to get rid of them. 


Professional SPIDER Treatment Services

Professional pest controllers providing general pest control services in Melbourne know their job better. They are not cruel poachers or pest hunters. They know how to show them the exit without unnecessarily harming any living creature. 


They will first try to identify the spiders and inspect the property for webs. They use eco-friendly but effective insecticide around the doors, windows, porches, inside patios, baseboard closets, garages etc. For stray spiders, they generally place multi insect glue boards or straps at areas they frequent often. 


Some tasks are best to be left to the professionals. Trust them! 


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