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Bri Naslund
Bri Naslund
Kevin was phenomenal, came out quickly to remove some trees and help clean up the property.
Caleb Muster
Caleb Muster
Awesome experience and affordable prices in today's harsh market
jo ramey
jo ramey
Kevin was super! We had cakes another service that never came back so we called The Tree Guy Kevin and he came right over. Super nice man and he did exactly what we asked him to do for the price we had in mind. We will call him again! Thank you Kevin!
kevin muster
kevin muster
Always answers..ready to get it done
Nicole Fraser
Nicole Fraser
I called Kevin (the tree guy) to help me with my cat stuck in a tree about 50ft up or so. He helped us get the ladder in the right spot and some of his tools helped scare my cat down after he was stuck for almost 2 hours. I appreciated his time and effort at the end of a long day.
Daniella Lujan
Daniella Lujan
They did a great job and were quite professional for the most part. He's slow to reply or read text messages so it's best to call him but Kevin knows what he's doing and didn't damage my house. He was more expensive than other contractors but he seemed much more experienced and if something gets damaged it would be even more costly. So I spent $1,500 instead of $600 but other contractors were not as professional and I was scared they would bust something because my job was quite delicate. I was scared of a gas or water line exploding if they were not careful.After he finished he even did me a favor and grinded a roots in my front yard! I had no idea those were overgrown roots creeping towards my house (and a danger to my water system) but he fixed it before he left free of charge and analyzed if another tree was a danger to my sewer line. Quite a relief! Great job and I don't mind that they were an hour late because when they came they were hard working and meticulous!! Definitely recommend 😊❤️***He had to cut a metal fence and stump in my neighbors yard (shared fence line) and he was quite respectful. Of course I got permission and coordinated with my neighbor as well. No issues, looks much better!**** One thing, he does not charge or do debris removal that's on you.
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Trimming and removing trees isn’t something you can easily do alone. So, if you’re planning to do a tree trimming or removal project, it’s best to hire experts like The Tree Guy. We’re a team of tree specialists in Tacoma, WA, and we can help you maintain your trees' health and remove those creating a safety hazard. Call us to book your appointment!

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Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, of course. We take every precaution required to protect your home or business and minimize any impact n the landscape. We lay down protective material over sensitive items, if necessary. Also, our crews are experienced in all types of tree removal jobs.
Your time is valuable; we know your schedule may conflict. Most clients are busy during the daytime, and with that said, our clients do not need to be present during our service performance.
We clean up after ourselves every time we complete professional tree service.
Trees need to be pruned for many reasons, including safety, tree health, and aesthetics. Dead or broken branches can be hazardous if they fall. If a tree branch grows too big for the tree or is too close to your chimney or roof, it must be cleared and pruned to prevent them from damaging your property. From an aesthetic perspective, pruning can help make a tree look better or provide a better view of your horizon or property.
When planting the tree, you should remove broken or dead branches. In a year or so, once the tree is established, watch for the leader or central trunk. This helps develop by trimming off competing stems and thinning out branches that compete with the selected leaders.
When looking for a crew of professionals to provide you with tree service, you want to look for a company with all the equipment and tools for every job. Our company can provide you with professional tree trimming services, using only high-quality tools and equipment to safely and effectively improve the appearance and growth of your trees.

Do you still need help finding the answers to your questions regarding our tree trimming service in Tacoma, WA? If so, you are more than welcome to call The Tree Guy, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions! Our courteous and friendly assistants are looking forward to hearing from you!

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